Translating designs and technical calculations into durable and quality products can be a challenge. We are fully aware, that all investments farmers are making, should result into a reliable and profitable system/solution. Over the years we also have learned that some investors/farmers only seem to look at the first investment costs and not too much to the operational costs. Recently the awareness of energy consumption, durability, service costs and the result on the productivity are becoming more popular. 

As we have always used the best available products and systems on the market, we have chosen not to look at "FEEL-GOOD-PRODUCTS", but combining knowledge with reliable products. Generating healthy - more productive - animals. 


TOPCOOL fans were initially designed in Quebec-Canada. In order to remain competitive, TOPCOOL moved their entire production to Foshan, China in 2011. Their CEO, Mr. Francois Desautels, has moved his home also to Foshan in the process. 

Still being well connected to US and Canadian Universities and laboratories, TOPCOOL is still regarded as a North American company. All fans manufactured are supplied with VALID certificates, are tested and certified at either AMCA or BESS-Labs and come with 2 years (belts excluded) warranty. 

Regular visits and frequent contacts to agricultural universities in mainly the US guarantee, that knowledge and the latest technology in either production process , R&D or final product is implemented.

TOPCOOL fans are available NOT only for dairy applications, but also for poultry, swine, goat and sheep farms. 


Celdek pads are most commonly used to cool down dairy, poultry and swine sheds.

As Celdek will pluck up over time we have been always more in favor of a more durable solution: PLASTIC PADS. 

They are very simple to clean from all sorts of dirt and sand, can be washed and disinfected by using a high pressure cleaner and, most importantly, your static negative pressure will be maintained during the entire lifecycle of the pad (UP TO 5 x LONGER) and your contamination level inside the shed is reduced dramatically.

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The most important part in any micro-climate system is the air inlet. This will determine up to a great extend if the fresh air will reach the animals at the desired temperature, without increasing the bill for the heating costs too much.

For colder climates we advise to use well-insulated and well designed air inlets, preferably made from Polyurethane. 

Our PU-inlets are made according to EU-standards and come with a very smooth surface structure. At the same time excellent seals are added, ensuring that fresh outside air only enters the building where it should be. All inlets come with outside mesh and opening mechanism. 

Inlets are available in all common sizes up to 1500mm long and 400mm high (net opening). 


In order to prevent windfall coming over the building and influencing the micro-climate inside your shed, or to use in combination with integrated light traps, our wind/rain covers are suitable for most inlet sizes you will find in the market.

Next to these covers we provide fully insulated and easy to clean covers for big gable fans. Easy to mount on the inside the shed and easy to take off when big fans are needed to use.

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Being initially developed in countries and areas where irrigation pasture is either too costly or due to the hot weather impossible, HYDROPONIC FODDER is gaining popularity among cattle, dairy, horse, pig and poultry farmers. Especially since various Universities in the US, Australia, UK and India have recently proven the added value of HYDROPONIC FODDER when fed on a daily basis to the respective animal. 

These studies have proven, that:

- the animal health improves significantly;

- the production results are much better (e.g. higher milk production, more healthy fat content in the milk, better meat structure and taste, healthier egg joke, etc.)

- less vaccination due to healthier animal;

- improved recovery after intensive labour of the animal;

- feather picking and cannibalism in layer and turkey farms have been reduced by more than 80%; even in farms where the birds had NOT been de-beaked. 

At the same time, if you know what you are doing, it is a big money saver on your feed costs. Up to 40% savings per annum are more than likely.



Hygiene and bio-security is an important issue in all livestock buildings, animal shelters and also when producing HYDROPONIC FODDER. Cleaning the rooms and buildings efficiently and environmental and animal friendly are the key issues of KLORMAN. The unique design of the units in combination with easy to use calcium-chlorine tablets, which, according to the BIOCALIDAD LABORATORIO in Manizales, eliminates e-coli, staphylococci areus, salmonella tiphy, etc. within 15 seconds after contact, will make life and production safety much easier. 

Connectible to either a garden hose or being part of the drinking line, animal health and human/environmental safety are guaranteed. 

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